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sexual healerSacred Sex in Ritual and Ceremony

The Who, What, Where, Why, and How of Sex in a sacred container of Ritual & Ceremony. This workshop is for you if you recognize the alignment and appropriateness of erotic, spiritual-sexual energy, present in sacred ceremony and ritual that fosters spiritual expansion of consciousness and transcendent awareness in an embodied experience of the divine.

Discover how fundamental psychological and spiritual aspects of being are nourished and enriched by sacred sex rituals and ceremonies.

Presented in this workshop :

  1. The three fundamental principles necessary for Sacred Sex in Ritual & Ceremony
  2. What is achieved by participating in Sacred Sex Ritual & Ceremony
  3. How to reach attunement and alignment with the divine realm
  4. The role of the masculine and feminine principles in Sacred Sex Ritual & Ceremony
  5. The "Mystical Body of the Divine" and its role in Sacred Sex Ritual & Ceremony

This is an interactive workshop for couples and paired singles who want to understand and experience deeper levels of sacredness expressed by sexual engagement in ritual and ceremony. Those who practice Tantra may have attended a "Puja" ceremony and tasted the marvelous experience of erotic energy in a group setting. This workshop goes beyond that experience and provides ways to deepen into, and understand, the elements of sacred sex ceremony that contribute to reaching higher levels of transcendence and nirvana.

This workshop includes practical understanding of the essential principles for sex to included in ceremony effectively and avoid digression into non-sacred "group-sex" gratification and its many pitfalls. Basic exercises that acquaint one with sacred sex in ritual and ceremony are introduced and practiced (no sexual engagement is suggested or required in this workshop).

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