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"I have learned so much from you, I feel so blessed to have met you. Thank you for your wisdom, your strong yet gentle masculine energy that feels protective and safe."

Angela I.


"I can’t begin to explain how different I feel today. Before you I was lost and confused, I did not know what was happening to me. Now, I’m a different person. My intuition is so strong. Sometimes it scares me. I’m still evolving and you made it possible."

Andy W.

Business Owner

"You are a great teacher. I can't believe how quickly I've progressed—it feels like light-years in only a short time. Supercharged!"


Mystical Musings

Nurturing Love: 10 Steps to Soulful Connections

Devoted relationships provide a pivotal and exceptional resource for self-actualization and soul evolution. In the dance of love and commitment, there exists a profound opportunity for healing, growth, and transformation that creates soulful connections. As Read more…

Am I Too Big for Yab Yum?

Sunyata, I have a question for you about Yab-Yum —I am short and weigh about 300 pounds. He is 5'9" and about 160, so I don't know, could yab-yum work?

What is Tantric Healing?

What is Tantric Healing and how does it benefit you? Sunyata explains Tantric Healing and its relationship to sexual healing and wellbeing.

THE CLIENT webinar session

Webinar Recording Available Now   $25.00 Join me for a (recorded live) webinar session devoted to the needs and perspective of the survivor of sexual abuse/assault, and who is the Client of sexual healing. We Read more…

Evolving the Masculine

Dear Sunyata, What is an evolved masculine, and how can a man become one? The Masculine is one of two principle elements seen as the archetypes Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. An evolved masculine is generally applied to men, and implies a spiritual, mature, awakened man...

Understanding Domestic Child Abuse

**WARNING, SENSITIVE SUBJECT** In light of some recent events involving NFL players and domestic child abuse—specifically the one reported case of child abuse (where bruises to the back and buttocks and blood on the scrotum Read more…

Shadow Work Minotaur and Theseus

In the ancient myth of and the Minotaur, Theseus takes up the challenge to slay a horrible beast. In the shadows of the labyrinth Theseus metaphorically goes through what we would call doing his shadow Read more…

Starved for Touch? Here are Some Solutions

What does it feel like to be touch starved? How can someone get the friendly, positive, and sensual touch they need? Find out how Erotic Enrichment sessions can satiate touch starvation, hunger, deprivation.

How can I have a full body orgasm?

Question: Can you give me tips on how to have a full body orgasm? A. Full Body Orgasms happen most often and with greatest impact when taken by surprise. They sneak up and overtake you, rolling through like a huge wave that keeps on going and going and going...

Changing with Grace

Important information for changing with grace when we face problems or get triggered. How to gracefully go through the changes that life puts in front of us.

Grieving a lost mate

I’ve had the privilege to support several women who were grieving a lost mate after a number of years of marriage and who were in the latter stages of the grief process. Grieving a lost Read more…

Presence: Hallmark of the Sacred Masculine

Sacred Masculine Presence As the Divine Feminine is seeking representation and reflection in the world—so is the Sacred Masculine. Whereas the Divine Feminine’s essence is “Beingness” or Feeling, the Sacred Masculine’s essence is “Presence” or Read more…

7 things you should know about archetypes

You might have seen posts on social media discussing archetypes and wondered "what are they and what do they do?" Here are 7 things you should know about archetypes and how you are effected by them whether you are aware of it happening or not

Buy the Book Safe Sexual Healing

‘Safe Sexual Healing: A Guidebook for Healers and Clients’ positively and constructively informs both healers and clients about what to do and expect in sexual healing sessions to create a container of trust and safety Read more…

Tantra is Prayer

What does sacred sex mean, what's so spiritual about Tantra? Spirituality in context with sex is more about the experience of "getting there" instead of about reaching a destination. In Tantra, sacred sex refers to the frame of spiritual mindfulness and presence necessary to achieve higher states of consciousness in sexual communion.

Energy Healing Sessions

Sunyata Satchitananda is an attuned Reiki Master & Quantum Light healer; as well as master level facilitator in the esoteric science of Tantric healing. Your Body’s Energy System The energy system of your body needs Read more…

The Dionysian Male

Two gods stand in contrast: Apollo and Dionysus. The Apollonian male is a “straight arrow,” circumspect and careful, hero of the patriarchy. Dionysus, to the patriarchal male viewpoint, is slightly mad, impulsive, off-balance, strange and associated with archaic sensibilities...

Releasing Armoring

Ages of evolution have refined our “fight or flight” reactivity to reflect modern society’s fears and battles which are for the most part intellectual and emotional. Confrontations in today’s civilized world are less life or Read more…

Non Invasive Yoni Healing

Question: Does yoni healing always have to include entering the vagina? I have abdominal discomfort and tightness with my period, as well as some pain during sex. I just can't imagine someone entering my vagina when I'm on my period.

The Essence of Tantra

What is Tantra about, what is its purpose? "Tantra" has an ancient lineage and has undergone many alterations and refinements over the centuries which have produced many different forms of this esoteric science. For many that practice Tantra, its essence is: self-knowledge and spiritual-expansion

Understanding Archetypes: A Path to Personal Growth and Self-Discovery

Unlocking the mysteries of the human psyche is an age-old pursuit, and within this quest lies the exploration of archetypes. These enigmatic figures, deeply rooted in the collective unconscious, wield immense influence over our thoughts, motivations, and beliefs. But what are archetypes, and how can we work with them to enrich our lives?Archetypes are personifications of collective humanity's unconscious with identifiable characteristics which influence personal thinking, motives, and beliefs. They operate through the personal unconscious of an individual. You can work with archetypes by learning about them and discovering their influence in your life by becoming more familiar with when one is active in your subconscious.

Premature Ejaculation Solutions

You’ve met the woman of your dreams and now your relationship has progressed to include sex. You’re enjoying her touch and your arousal is high; she has welcomed you into her 'garden of delight' and ecstatic jolts of sexual energy are rocking your world. Suddenly, before you can stop it, your turn-on takes you over-the-top and you orgasm—ejaculating—and your sexual energy drains away. Men suffering with premature ejaculation struggle to find solutions to how to control their urge to ejaculate and last long enough to please their partner.

Free Symposium Session

Join my live symposium session in the Largest Spirituality and Wellness Event of 2016 — the Spring Forward Symposium (www.spiritualitysymposium.com). I’m excited to be presenting about sexual healing along with 70+ other presenters. INSIDE SEXUAL HEALING Read more…

Tantric Sex, Enter the Caressing

Tantric sex is a vehicle that empowers a journey of consciousness expansion. The Tantric sutra cited above reveals how consciousness is enhanced and transformed as it experiences the journey.

Safe Sexual Healing Book Reviews

Safe Sexual Healing Book Reviews With the release of his book “Safe Sexual Healing: a Guidebook for Healers and Clients,” Sunyata Satchitananda pulls back the curtain on the shadowy world of sexual healing and reveals Read more…

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