7 things you should know about archetypes

You might have seen posts on social media discussing archetypes and wondered “what are they and what do they do?” ...
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What are Archetypes?

What are Archetypes and how do I work with them? Archetypes are personifications of collective humanity’s unconscious with identifiable characteristics ...
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The Dionysian Male

What is the Dionysian Male archetype, and what is its relationship to male evolution? The Dionysian Male archetype is possible ...
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Evolving the Masculine

Dear Sunyata, What is an evolved masculine, and how can a man become one?  The Masculine is one of two ...
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Presence: Hallmark of the Sacred Masculine

Sacred Masculine Presence As the Divine Feminine is seeking representation and reflection in the world—so is the Sacred Masculine. Whereas ...
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