Ask-Sunyata-answers-questionsWhat answers are you seeking and which questions would you like to ask me?
What subject are you most interested in exploring and learning about?

I’d like to know what’s on your mind and what you are most curious about. With over 37 years of spiritual counseling and spiritual healing I’m happy to share my experience and the lessons I’ve learned over the years working with men and women to heal and improve their lives and move forward.

If you have a burning question that is important for you to know the answer to, please send it to me and I will try to answer it as soon as I possibly can.

Get answers to your sincere questions on: 

  • Divine Feminine
  • Sacred Masculine
  • Tantric Healing or Sexual Healing
  • Sexual Abuse-Assault-Harassment
  • Emotional & Sexual Trauma
  • Tantra, Sacred Sexuality, Spiritual Sex
  • Relationship Challenges
  • Spiritual Growth & Insight

Send me your question (below) and I’ll try to respond as quickly as I’m able to.

*Selected questions and responses will be posted on this website (edited, and personal information redacted or changed to protect privacy).

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