My partner and I provide co-facilitated sessions for couples and small groups (some individuals also).

We lead Step Into Sensuality sessions, Erotic Enrichment for Couples, and we teach Transcendental Tantra to couples and small groups.

Sunyata Satchitananda

Sunyata has been a spiritual counselor and life coach for over 35 years, and has led workshops and classes in meditation, authentic movement, sacred sexuality, couples enrichment, and sexual healing. He is the author of the book "Safe Sexual Healing: a Guidebook for Healers and their Clients" and has been sexual healing coach and healer since 2007. Sunyata is a certified Tantric Healer (Ohana School of Tantra), a Reiki Master and Quantum Light healer.

Safe Sexual Healing
Rim Zahra Ph.D.
Author/Healer/Sacred Embodiment Educator

Rim (aka "Hreem") Zahra, Ph.D. is a professor of Education teaching English and World Literature. She is the author of "Help, My Vagina is on Fire!" a book about her experience with overcoming Candida overgrowth and Vaginitis-Vulvodynia. Rim is also a certified Myofascial Release therapist and a Sacred Embodiment Educator and the founder of Shakti Groovin' Women—a women's empowerment group. 

Shakti Groovin' Women
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