Please read my Work With Me page before contacting me for a session.

Fill out the form below to ask a question, or arrange for a free 15 min. consultation or full coaching session appointment.

For sessions, I’ll need to know what day/times work best for you so I can look for openings I have in my schedule that match your choices. Usually, a session can be arranged within a 10 day time-frame.

I use Skype or Zoom for sessions, so I’ll need your Skype screen name to connect with you (Zoom doesn’t require a screen name) and can call you at the time of our appointment.

To order a session, after you send me this form, go to my Services page to complete an order for either a single counseling – coaching session or a program of sessions.

Please be as specific as you can in describing your situation and what is important for me to know about your circumstances.

Your personal information will never be sold or shared and will be kept strictly confidential.

15-minute free phone consultation available.

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