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Your Body’s Energy System

Energy Anatomy © Alex Grey

Energy Anatomy © Alex Grey

The energy system of your body needs to function easefully and efficiently in order for maximum physical, emotional and mental health to be felt.

The body has metaphysical energy centers (chakras) associated with organs and areas of the body. These energy centers function as processors, transformers and distributors of prana (life force energy) to organs, glands, and nerves in the physical body. Each chakra has unique characteristics and domains of influence. When a chakra gets unbalanced, out of alignment, contracted, or otherwise impacted by energetic blocks or contractions (energy knots) —the restriction also affects physical and emotional wellbeing.

There are seven major energy centers along the energy spine of the body—from root to crown (pictured in the Alex Grey image above). The lower three chakras account for a majority of health and vitality issues experienced by men and women. A regular energetic clearing, healing, and balancing regime keeps these vital energy centers functioning well. Much like the importance of exercise for the health of the physical body, maintaining optimal functioning of your chakras will improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Lower Chakra Characteristics

MuladharaThe Root Chakra (Sanskrit: Muladhara) located at the end of the tail-bone, represented by the perineum—and is connected to one’s relationship with community, family, survival, feeling grounded and connected to Mother Earth Gaia. It is the portal of life force energy and through this energy center all personal material-physical manifestations come from; procreation/creation. The root chakra is said to be the dwelling place of dormant sexual energy.


SwadhisthanaThe Sacral Chakra (Sanskrit: Swadhisthana) is associated with the pelvis and genitals of the body and is connected to strong emotion, creativity, innovation, activated sexual expression and embodying “Shakti” (divine feminine energy) resulting in a sensuality of being. The sacral chakra is also associated with the unconscious psyche, vital force, inspiration, vitality, and vibrancy of life.


ManipuraThe Solar Chakra (Sanskrit: Manipura) is connected to personal power and the ability to manifest one’s dreams or intentions. The solar chakra is located about three fingers below the sternum’s end on the rib cage and is associated with the stomach. If you experience unusual tightness in the stomach area, cramping, bloating, or elimination issues, you might have solar chakra issues activated. Clearing this energy center empowers one’s life with confidence, clear intention and ability to manifest one’s goals and desires.

By clearing these three chakras from blockages, contractions and restrictions life becomes filled with vibrant energy, sensuality, confidence, and tremendous expanded erotic and orgasmic ability.

Theologue © Alex Grey

Theologue © Alex Grey







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