I rarely am available for “drop in” last minute appointments. My schedule is usually filled 10 – 14 days ahead. I prefer working with a limited number of long term clients. I work with only a few clients at a time and I spread out my sessions, doing no more than 3 a week.

I do get openings in my schedule sometimes, and I do accept new clients as my schedule allows it, so if you’re interested in an in-person session with me, please ask if your preferred appointment is available by using the booking form below.


I meet my clients where they are located; either their home or at their place while traveling. This location has been a variety of vacation apartments, rental cabins/bungalows, condominiums, resort hotel rooms, and the like. I don’t have a place where people come to me for sessions, I go to their location.

I live in Northern California, 1 hr. north of San Francisco and generally that’s the area in where my sessions are hosted. My clients are normally in Sonoma county and the SF North Bay Area. I have received clients who fly into SF for some purpose and schedule a session with me while they’re here. I’ve had people come from other countries, specifically to set up a series of sessions with me.

I’ve also flown to the East Coast to facilitate pre-scheduled sessions and a workshop. If you would like me to travel to your location outside of the greater SF Bay Area we can arrange that —understanding there will be additional travel costs and scheduling considerations. 


My sessions are usually 1 or 2 hours long—but have gone as long as 5 hours.

1 hour session = $175.00

2 hour session = $300.00

Over 2 hours, add $100/hr.

Additional Offering:

Coed Facilitated Sessions

sensual exercisesThese coed co-facilitated sessions are led by me and my partner. My partner adds her energy as the sacred-feminine energy potential to my sacred-masculine energy potential. She is also certified in several healing modalities and teaches erotic embodiment. Clients who have chosen this offering have been interested in experiencing both sacred feminine/masculine energies at play and balance during their session.

Clients are usually couples, but there have also been single women clients. Our interaction is not salacious or sexual with our clients. However, we demonstrate for clients Tantric breathing and energy practices which can energetically feel very sexually charged. We can either facilitate sensual massage instruction for the couple or we can provide a 4+ hands massage or 1 to 1 couple massage.

2+ hours session = $777.00

Tipping is always appreciated. We put a lot into making the experience the best it can be —the most elevating and transformative possible. Your appreciation expressed as a tip is most welcome.

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