What is the goal or purpose of your sessions?

To provide a safe space and witness, and adeptly address the issues that limit your personal sense of spiritual-sexual integration, “wholeness” and well-being. Wherever there are blocks, contractions, limitations, or challenges to your understanding and fullest expression and experience of intimacy, sensuality/sexuality, and deeply connected relationships—I act as a mirror and a guide to help you see what may be unconscious limiting beliefs or patterns and help you become free of these.

By helping you gain understanding and awareness of your fears, wounds, and challenges, I’m able to guide you to integrated empowerment and relief from stress and dis-harmony. I show you practical and effective exercises, practices, principles and techniques that give you control and confidence with what was once overwhelming and diminishing.

I also show couples how they can elevate their sexual experience to create profound spiritual-sexual integration that invites a new level of awareness and connection between beloveds.

Why do you do this type of counseling focused on Sex, Intimacy & Relationship?

I have been profoundly enriched by my own healing and growing process and I desire to share what I’ve learned to help others do the same. I happily contribute my compassionate service in gratitude for my own journey of healing and remembering wholeness.

It especially pains me to see women marginalized, demeaned, and abused by unconscious, inconsiderate, uneducated and hard-hearted men. Women are precious to humanity’s growth and betterment—and as wonderfully gifted individuals, our mothers, sisters, and daughters, they are a vital resource for successive generations who will shape humanity’s destiny. As women gain in self-esteem, value, autonomy and sovereignty, and feel erotically empowered and fulfilled, all of humanity will be raised up—and the opportunity for right-relationship between men and women will prevail!

My work is focused on healing and enriching the spiritual-sexual integration within people and between beloveds. I trust that my contribution will help create a more egalitarian and compassionate society that respects all beings regardless of sexual orientation and honors the feminine as it does the masculine, in harmony and collaboration.

I am inspired to do this work by the prompting I feel from my soul. It is my life’s purpose to add my energies to the healing of spirit and sex, individually and collectively, locally and globally. We are all connected; as one person is aided to rise beyond previous limitations and achieve a more complete sense of self—all of us are enriched. Over the 30+ years I have worked with individuals and couples, I have always been thrilled to see “the lights go on” for someone—and when a couple with difficulties suddenly feels relief, hope, renewed love or a profound deepening of love between them.

What are sessions like?

Sunyata Reiki HealingSessions include some time discussing what your issues and concerns are, looking deep within and in your past, for clues as to why you are experiencing the challenges or limitations that you feel. Additionally, I use Tantric breath-work and movement techniques to activate and begin to move erotic energy. I also use sensual touch activation and somatic exercises combined with presencing of your emotions and any images that come up during the session to create a holistic and deep understanding of your unique process of healing and returning to wholeness. Afterwards, an evaluation and assessment is provided to map out further treatments and “homework” is given that the client does on her own between sessions.

With my adept guidance and by consciously working with your erotic energy, and the emotional-psychological triggers that become active, its possible to gain deeper understanding of your issues or emotional wounds and release what is compelling or limiting your full experience of intimacy and sexuality.

How does Sacred Intimacy or Sexual Healing work?

Sacred Intimacy is a newer term used to describe a uniquely sacred creation of opportunity for very intimate and vulnerable places of the psyche and emotions to be accessed, processed and released as is desired by the recipient… —read more.

What are some reasons Women have sessions with you?

My clients are everyday people who are working through issues about sexuality and sexual experience, intimacy, and having a satisfying and fulfilling relationship. Most are women, many are psychiatrists, therapists, counselors, or are themselves sexual healers. I have also helped several women recovering from grieving their deceased partner to reconnect and re-establish a relationship with their erotic energy.

Besides seeking to release blocks to her sexual energy, some additional reasons women seek sessions with me include:

a) She hasn’t been in a sexual relationship in a while and wants to reconnect with her erotic energy without the expectation for sex or reciprocal treatment,

b) For her self esteem—after a breakup, or in-between relationships when she needs to receive positive male attention and stay connected with her sensual energy without jumping into another relationship to receive it, or

c) When taking care of her needs for touch and appreciation and staying connected to her sexual energy after health/weight/body image challenges, as exemplified by these email requests:

“I am single and do not have a partner. I have had health problems and have not been in a relationship for a long time. I gained a large amount of weight. My body is back to normal and I am loosing the weight. I am interested in erotic enrichment to reconnect with my body and possibly learning about tantric practice so that when I do enter a relationship I can bring unique skills to the relationship.”

“I am going through a major life shift and returning myself to myself, which has been shut down for many years on all levels – spiritual, emotional, sexual. I need to begin to heal these issues, in a safe context with a man who is/can be present with the full realm of all that I am.”

Benefits of Sessions:

At different stages, or circumstances, in a woman’s life she needs a safe and experienced guide to explore or release inhibiting or contracting feelings, beliefs or patterns, associated with emotional or psychological trauma and abuse that effects her experience of intimacy, love, self-worth and well-being. Sessions with me are un-encumbered by personal relationship expectations or past baggage —so women are able to explore and work with their erotic energy and any judgments, wounded feelings, or blocked energy and gain healing, self-knowledge and sensual empowerment.

  • To the great detriment of our culture, many women have been sexually, physically, and/or emotionally, wounded and abused and retain traumatic memories, fears and deprecating beliefs, that severely limit their full enjoyment and expression of their sensual/sexual nature.
  • Sessions with me provide opportunities to allow these stored energy “blocks” or “knots” of contraction or shame, judgment, guilt, and powerlessness to have the opportunity to release, shift, and “heal” within the container of a gentle, safe and experienced presence. These blocks are consciously and carefully allowed space to move out of body-storage and replaced with a sense of healthful empowerment and well-being reestablishing a sense of “wholeness” and self-esteem.
  • Many women in our culture also don’t feel safe enough to let their sexual expression be unconstrained or fully open, and therefore don’t receive sexual fulfillment on a deeply enriching level. Sessions provide an opportunity to release the with-holding barriers to experiencing the fullness of a woman’s erotic energy without the encumbrances of personal relationships and their reciprocal expectations—or emotional attachments. A woman can relax and open to allowing herself to feel her sensual, erotic energy without constraint or concern for pleasing another. This has a profound therapeutic effect and allows a woman to reclaim her sexual fullness, sensual confidence, and unabashed erotic expression.
  • It is rare for women to find men who meet them as spiritual-sexual equals and who bring spiritual acuity and sustained sacred erotic resonance without devolving into superficial selfish gratification. In my healing sessions, I embody the sacred masculine archetype that recognizes, awakens and nourishes the divine feminine archetype present in the women who have sessions with me. During these sessions, women have the chance to feel “met” by a spiritual man who supports her in exploring deeper levels of Tantric knowledge and experience.
  • For different reasons, some women are inexperienced with being with male erotic energy (including lesbian and bi-curious women) and schedule sessions with me to experiment and/or broaden their experience in a safe, adept, and trustworthy container where expectations and boundaries are clear and respected.
    *See related question below: “Do you have sex with clients?”
  • Women often do not receive sincere unconditionally loving touch and acceptance from the men in their life. Or, they may not have any man available to meet their needs of touch and appreciation with unconditional love, acceptance and validation. Sessions with me give a woman the experience of being with a spiritual man who meets her need and desire for sensual touch and physical nurturing. Thus, a woman can relax and truly receive the loving, nurturing, accepting touch that contributes to self-acceptance, connectedness, vitality and spiritual-sexual integration.
  • Some women have chosen, for one reason or another, to be celibate for some length of time. These women often choose to re-experience or experiment with male energy in a safe and sacred container, knowing that nothing is expected of them in return and they can relax into feeling their erotic energy along with my positive male energy and maintain their choice of celibacy.

Why do Men have sessions with you?

Men have several reasons for having sessions with me:

  • He wants an experienced guide to help him understand his Erotic energy, how to manage it and utilize its healing and transcendent power during sex, and to enhance his relationships with women.
  • Men want to learn how to manage their sexual energy and about Ejaculation Choice so they can enjoy sexual experiences longer and have more opportunities to please their partner.
  • Men have also experienced trauma and abuse, and desire the safe and sacred container of our session to release such blockages of: shame, judgment, guilt, and powerlessness.
  • There are also scant resources in our culture for men to model their masculinity after—in a healthy, balanced, nonjudgmental and grounded way. I provide a positive engagement that meets this desire without judgment or any expectation for sex. Whatever their sexual orientation, positive male feedback of sensual energy is invaluable to experience and incorporate into a man’s life.

Do you have sex with clients?

No—I am not a sex worker, surrogate, or escort. I do not provide a “date” experience for men or women. My purpose is to serve an individual’s or couple’s spiritual-sexual integration and expansion through healing and enrichment therapies that include spiritual counseling and addressing the emotional, psychological and physical aspects of well-being.

My personal sexual desire or need for gratification is not fulfilled by the sessions I facilitate and  sessions do not involve my genitals being stimulated or given attention to. The session is focused on being present with your healing process and activating your erotic energy—allowing what wants to be released, experienced, integrated or revealed to do so.

Sexual-sensual, erotic energy is activated and engaged with as an integral tool for uncovering and working with the wounds, blocks, knots, or patterns that are associated with preventing full and enriching experiences of sex, intimacy and relationship. Sessions with me can involve sensual and intimate touch—therapeutically applied to catalyze holistic energetic shifts that nurtures you at the deepest levels of being.

Each session is tailored to meet the needs of the individual client. Sessions occur in a container of sincerity and openness that asks you to share with me any boundaries, concerns or comfort choices you may have without reservation, knowing that my purpose is to serve your highest good and healthful well-being.

What does your name mean?

voidSunyata,” (Sanskrit) generally translated into English as “Emptiness” or “Voidness”, is a concept of central importance in the teaching of the Buddha, as a direct realization of Sunyata is required to achieve liberation from the cycle of existence (samsara) and full enlightenment.

Sunyata signifies that everything one encounters in life is empty of absolute identity, permanence, or ‘self’. This is because everything is inter-related and mutually dependent – never wholly self-sufficient or independent. All things are in a state of constant flux where energy and information are forever flowing throughout the natural world giving rise to, and themselves undergoing, major transformations with the passage of time.

The Great Emptiness or Void is the great potential out of which all things come. It is the feminine creative force that births all-that-is from the darkness of her womb. There is stillness in the void—and wisdom—if one listens. Out of stillness comes inspiration, passion, and creativity.

http://www.buddhanet.net/Sunyata (Emptiness)

Satchitananda,” (Sanskrit) is a compound of three Sanskrit words, Sat, Chit, and Ananda meaning True Being, Pure Consciousness and Bliss respectively.

SAT is truth. As such it is the destroyer of falsehood, delusion, deceit and illusion. It leads us from the unreal to the real, out of the veil and into clarity and consciousness of our true state. SAT restores us from limited, constricted, and separate states of consciousness, to our authentic boundless and natural state of unobstructed beingness. This leads to the merger of pure beingness and absolute subjective experience; with pure consciousness and absolute objectivity—creating a felt sense of divinity.

Chit is consciousness. It is thus one of the integral ingredients toward waking up out of slumber and forgetfulness and into our true nature, our uncontrived/unconditioned true and natural self, a divine Being.

Ananda is absolute bliss. Here all tension, stress, obstruction, bias, distortion, perturbation, conflict, and disturbances have been let go of, surrendered, removed, and purified. Shakti and Shiva are reunited in one’s own countenance. One reflects and acts as a the natural transpersonal spontaneous extension, conduit, and expression of divine presence; divine love and wisdom reflecting the “reality” of “ALL OUR RELATIONS”.

Ananda (bliss), contentment (santosha), peace (shanti), or nirvana are not goals, but rather a spontaneous result and expression—a natural aspect of this transpersonal relationship without a separate subject/object. It thus symbolizes the Great spiritual objectless relationship-integration—the realization of the Great Integrity where the Great Beingness and Infinite Mind are experienced as a living unity in the present as Great and Sacred Presence.

This is both an ideal, and a truth, to be realized in one’s own experience and spiritual path.

“My name reminds me of the all-connected-divinity each of us are.”
—Sunyata Satchitananda


Why are you an ordained minister?

Over 30 years ago I was ordained a minister of a conservative religious organization, which began my life of spiritual counseling and sacred service. 20 years later, I left that organization, but continued as a minister, ordained by the more inclusive and open Universal Life Church. I am trained, primarily as a spiritual counselor (non-denomination). I help you discover, awaken, explore, develop, and expand with enhanced knowledge of yourself that informs your relationship with spirit—the divine. I have supplemented my education with an understanding of Jungian Psychology, archetypal energies and the process of the subconscious’ contribution to psychological and spiritual health and well-being.

My primary connection as a healer and counselor is as a spiritual empath, psychic intuitive, energy worker, and spiritual channel. I am able to “tune into” Spirit’s direction and let that lead and inform my process and contribution to your session. For each session, Spirit orients my focus and intention—that of serving your highest good and soul’s purpose.

As an Ordained Minister, your sessions have the enhanced standing of: spiritual counseling —and therefore include the elevated aspiration of spiritual growth and improving one’s relationship with the divine. Additionally, all spiritual counseling services provided, including client information and sessions, are kept strictly confidential and fall under the auspices of spiritual counseling confidentiality protections afforded by law to clergymen and their parishioners.


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