Much of the spiritual counseling and coaching work I do is with men. Healing and growth for men is a unique process and deals with the pressures and issues men face both within them and from external influences.

External Pressures

These days’ men face tremendous pressure to perform at work, to be financially successful, and with maintaining a meaningful and fulfilling relationship. Pressure comes from society, culture, religion, and family expectations to perform and be a certain way. The changing roles that men feel they don’t quite understand or fit into, as well as economic and career vulnerabilities, combine to further frustrate and repress men who haven’t figured out what they can or should do to alleviate their stress and confusion.

Inner Conflicts

Beneath these external pressures is the inner struggle to understand themself, their identity and the complexity of their personality and sexuality. Men also struggle with understanding what it means to them to be a man in a world where old stereotypes are no longer appropriate and where an increased sensitivity and awareness is essential to preventing unwanted conflicts in their relationships. “Becoming a man” has shifted to become something other than a macho character who plays the role of a powerful womanizer and ruthless businessman. These days, he must have an emotional maturity and competency which knows how to relate with women as considerate equals. To achieve a well-rounded and integrated personality and character, a man must do his healing and growth to rise above the fractures and weaknesses that his wounds would hold him down with. Becoming a man now means healing himself and growing into mature stature worthy of his partner’s respect, interest, and feeling safe in his presence.

Healing and Growth for Men


I help men with a variety of concerns and challenges, including:

  • healing from emotional wounds
  • discovering what masculinity means to you
  • spiritual growth and maturity
  • integrating your feminine side
  • improving your relationships with women
  • sexual performance and embodying your pleasure
  • ejaculation choice and mastering your sexual energy
  • sexual healing from abuse/assault/molestation 

Healing and growth for men is a large part of the coaching I offer. Most of my work with men is through Skype/Zoom sessions. I provide seasoned insight and experience and share many methods and techniques which empower growth and help men heal. The coaching I provide puts men on a fast-track with positive results realized quickly. What men learn from me will serve them for the rest of their lives, make them feel proud of themselves and their personal achievements, and reach their potential as men, lovers, and co-creators of a better world.

If you are a man struggling with any of these subjects, contact me for a consultation and discover the ways my coaching will help you heal and grow into the man you want to be.

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