Ages of evolution have refined our “fight or flight” reactivity to reflect modern society’s fears and battles which are for the most part intellectual and emotional. Confrontations in today’s civilized world are less life or death—the danger we face isn’t from a saber-toothed tiger attack—it’s from a war of attrition on our emotional health and stability.

let-go-armoringArmoring Against Attacks

We’ve come up with new ways of protecting ourselves by inventing a new kind of armor that blocks the attacks we face as modern humans—but also makes it harder to access our feelings in the process. Each time we feel attacked or victimized emotionally new layers of defensive armor pile up to stop us from being hurt—but also lessen our ability to feeling anything that makes us feel vulnerable.

The accumulated effects of repeated wounding and armoring of our feelings has a somatic consequence that produces: tension, discomfort, hypersensitivity, low energy, and cold, numb, or no feeling locations of the body. In a sense, the physical body “armors” or stiffens, clenches, as if at the ready to protect, or to run away.

Armoring can cause a noticeable hunch in posture and a clench of the torso. Spine flexibility becomes impacted—including limited pelvic and hip mobility. Lower back issues are common.

The Body-Mind nexus holds onto the somatic-emotional-energetic charge (made up of a Belief + Emotion) making it difficult to relax and release what is causing the clench. Treating the Belief and Emotional Charge associated with the wound along with the somatic tension, misalignment, or rigidity of the body facilitates its release.

To do this, the mind needs to “let-go” of the belief (on a conscious and subconscious level) and the emotion needs to feel satiated before it will release. Treating the body through massage or movement therapies will cause a somatic release or letting-go of tension and stiffness that makes it easier to release the belief and satiate the emotion for a comprehensive letting-go.


Letting-go can be a challenge all by itself—in our modern society we’re conditioned to be defensive and reactive and give less attention to relaxation or letting go of stress. It can be a challenge to reach the deep psycho-somatic place where the wound is located and relax enough to release and allow what you’ve held onto to depart.

Being able to “drop in” and go deep enough into a release can be aided by repeatedly and gently asking the body the question “Can I relax deeper?” Bit by bit, level by level, into complete openness and vulnerability relax and release to the depth that each wound needs to be satiated.

To reach the depths required for letting go of an emotional wound’s clench, a deep relaxation and “releasing” has to happen. With this kind of letting-go it’s as if every cell of muscle tissue relaxes fully and releases the tension stored within itself. To help relax the body, take long, full belly breaths (“Ocean Breath”) while “aiming” your intention of releasing and letting go at the area of the body where tension resides.

In addition to these treatments, Restorative Yoga positions give the body the support it needs to relax and open.

Open Postures
Positions the body to open up the torso, roll back the shoulders, arch the back, open the arms and encourage de-armoring and releasing body clench.  Breaths that encourage deeper relaxation with each exhalation will help to gently relax chronically clenched muscles.

Nurturing Postures
Positions the body in ways that feel nurturing and protective, with a sense of connected wholeness. These look like Child’s Pose and other supportive self-embracing body positions.

Supported Bound Angle Pose & Restorative Yoga Asanas

Working with Belief and Emotional Energy

Besides somatic tension created by an emotional wound there is also a Belief and an Energetic Charge associated with it.

The belief will be about You and is usually a simple critical/limiting/negative judgment like “I’m not safe” or “I’m not good enough” “Mommy doesn’t love me” “nobody cares about me” and the like.

Combined with the belief is an emotional energy charge that is the energy source for the wound; perpetuating and driving the wound’s mission to be seen, received, and resolved. Yes, a wound’s real purpose is not to dwell in misery but to serve as a beacon drawing attention to itself and have its message be accepted and worked with to heal, release and let-go, and return to wellbeing. It’s not the memory that goes away, but the emotional impact, dread, fear, overwhelm, and the acting-out or avoidance behavior so you can remain relatively calm, centered and grounded while working through whatever trigger is active.

There are specific methods and techniques to address your beliefs and the energetic charge of your wounds that enable you to remain present and empowered. If you would like help with accessing and working with the Beliefs and the emotional Energy Charge of your wounds contact me to set up a Skype session. It’s possible to release many layers of armoring using the Pranasomatic™ techniques I share with you. 


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Originally posted on May 27, 2016 @ 10:22 am

Sunyata Satchitananda

Sunyata is a Spiritual Counselor, Certified Tantric Healer and Author of "Safe Sexual Healing: a Guidebook for Healers and Clients." Ordained Minister (1980), Certified Tantric Healer (2007), Reiki Master (2009). Sunyata specializes in helping men and women achieve deep transformation, spiritual growth, sacred sexuality, heal from sexual abuse and emotional trauma, and develop a greater, deeper intimacy and connection with their partner.


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