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I read your article on Internal Pelvic Release and sexual healing. Does yoni healing always have to include entering the vagina? I have abdominal discomfort and tightness with my period, as well as some pain during sex. I understand the rationale of internal pelvic release, but somehow I just can’t imagine someone I don’t know (even a well intentioned healer) entering my vagina with his fingers, especially when I’m on my period I just wouldn’t even consider it!

It’s not necessary to have internal pelvic release (a sexual healing treatment of therapeutic vulva massage and vaginal acupressure by penetration with finger) to experience “yoni healing”—which is a somatic based treatment for releasing tension, painful clenched areas, and emotional trauma in the pelvis area, on the vulva, and in the vagina. A lot of relief can come from non-invasive yoni healing methods that won’t trigger the concerns you mention in your question. What’s most important is that you can deeply relax your abdomen and pelvic muscles (massage -draped- of these areas helps) and trust your healer to channel Reiki healing energy and positive intention into this area. 

Non Invasive Yoni Healing

vaginal painWomen experience a variety of pain symptoms in the area of the pelvis and lower abdomen that can be effectively relieved by applying simple healing touch and utilizing a subtle energy healing modality like Reiki, Qigong, Quantum Light, or other shamanic, spiritual or energy healing modalities.

Yoni healing has become popularly known throughout sacred sex, or Tantra, communities. Typically, yoni healing includes vulva massage and intimate touch and penetration of the vagina with fingers in an acupressure probing of the vaginal wall (see my article on Internal Pelvic Release for the IPR yoni-healing I teach). While IPR may be very effective and called-for in certain cases, this procedure may be too much for some women to experience due to their preference to not be penetrated, trust and comfort considerations, and/or emotional/psychological wounding.

Non invasive yoni healing is a procedure which is much easier to receive—that includes light touch healing at the body’s skin surface level and over clothing. When combined with subtle energy healing modalities, a gentle and safe healing experience is possible. Non-invasive yoni healing has been known to positively affect and help relieve pain/discomfort during menstruation or associated with bladder infection, ovarian, vaginal, or cystic lesion pain.

Light Touch

Light touch healing is used in alternative healing modalities such as: Reiki, Myofascial Release, Visceral Manipulation, Craniosacral therapy, and others. It is touch at the body surface level that provides a comforting, warm presence of healing contact in support of health and well-being. These therapies employ subtle manipulation at the skin surface level of the body without penetration of the yoni. There’s no need to completely disrobe—the procedure can be engaged over clothing. What’s important is the subject’s comfort and ability to fully relax and open to the healing shift being asked to take place.

Another aspect of non-invasive yoni healing is its less intimate interaction and body positioning during the procedure. An easy—and more acceptable to some clients—way of receiving this type of yoni healing is for the client to sit or lie down with the healing facilitator sitting or standing (if using a table) to the side of the subject. Subject’s legs can be closed together or slightly open depending on preference, comfort, and openness.

Subtle Energy Healing

Subtle energy techniques include: Reiki, Qigong, Quantum Light, or other shamanic, spiritual or energy healing modalities. Subtle energies carry with them extra-sensory wisdom that guides the out-working and effectiveness of the treatment. The healer becomes a channel of divine grace and energetic focus that assists the subject in her healing and letting go of pain, and energetic or emotional wounding.

Quantum Light healing is a modality that I use often with clients. It is an energy healing lineage—similar to Reiki—that seeks to interact with the quantum particle level of existence and transfer the intention of wholeness, optimum function, and wellbeing to an area of focus.


It has been my experience as a Reiki Master energy healer providing non-invasive yoni healing that many women experience relief of pain along with pleasant sensations associated with holistic wellbeing, health, emotional warmth, acceptance and feeling cared for at a deep level.

Contact me for more information about non-invasive yoni healing or to discuss other concerns or issues impacting your sexual experience.

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