Coaching 3 Months


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Make sure you visit the Contact Me page to arrange for your appointment. To see if you think we would be a good fit to work together answer the questions on my Work With Me page.

1 on 1 coaching with me via Skype or phone w/ email support.
In 3 sessions every month of one hour in length we’ll work with what’s important to you, such as:

  • Sexual healing counseling.
  • Your biggest challenges to having the intimacy and sex in your relationship that you long for.
  • The emotional and energetic blocks that may have you resisting your full potential.
  • How to enhance your experience of numinous spiritual-sexuality and romantic love.
  • Restore your connection to your beloved and find purpose together.
  • How to Be Met —attract your soul mate or uplevel your relationship.

I will help you to get clear and understand the concerns and issues you are facing in the areas of: sexual healing, interpersonal and intimate relationships, self-awareness and understanding, spiritual growth and consciousness expansion, self-improvement and overcoming your limitations, sexuality, spiritual-sex (Tantra), spiritual practice, and working with the subtle energies that course through and around you.

I also help couples to have a holistic and integrated relationship within themselves and with their partner.

As a spiritual counselor I neither promote any one religion over another nor any religious dogma—I focus on  principles that apply to personal spiritual growth, health, and relationship harmony.

Helping Others with What I’ve Learned

For individuals who have been sexually assaulted or abused I’ve developed sexual healing techniques, meditations, and programs for returning to wholeness and wellbeing.

Sunyata was the best find on my sexual healing journey.
He UNDERSTANDS, GETS and PROVIDES safe sexual healing.” —Grace

As a result of counseling and coaching 100s of couples over 30+ years and my own journey of healing and growth I’ve discovered many secrets to creating a dynamic, alive and thriving relationship that includes integrated sexuality and a fulfilling sexual relationship.

For couples seeking deeper meaning and sacredness in their sexual expression together I also teach Transcendental Tantra™ —for numinous and sublime experiences.

We had a great relationship counseling session with Sunyata Satchitananda yesterday. I highly recommend this wise and experienced guide.” —John & Sophie




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