Internal Pelvic Release Virtual Workshop


Learn the Internal Pelvic Release (IPR) procedure with your partner (or for a small group) in a virtual workshop. Become adept with safely implementing this intimate and sensitive therapeutic sexual healing procedure and know what to expect and take care with to create a beneficial transformative experience.


A virtual workshop for couples or trained sexual healers that teaches the IPR procedure —see article on Sexual Healing with Internal Pelvic Release for more information about this procedure.

In this virtual workshop you will learn:

  • IPR procedure and technique
  • Healing presence and sensitivity
  • Therapeutic erotic energy and Consent
  • How to release strong emotions
  • Side effects and exposures

In a private 2+ hour Skype session virtual workshop a couple (or small group) receives guidance with implementing the IPR procedure. Complete step-by-step instructions in how to perform the Internal Pelvic Release procedure are given and explained—including important considerations like the receiver’s consent and emotional safety, as well as likely side-effects and outcomes.

sacred-yoniIn this virtual workshop, attendees participate in learning and implementing the IPR procedure with supervision and feedback in real-time via webcam. 

The IPR procedure and its component aspects are explained:

  • Checking in, ongoing consent
  • Healing touch — pressure and sensitivity
  • Sensing and working with energy
  • Therapeutic healing using erotic energy
  • Emotional processing — what to do and don’t do
  • Energy bath — releasing and clearing energetic debris

Workshop participants: your confidentiality, comfort and modesty is respected, however intimate touch of your yoni (vagina) by your partner is supervised by me via webcam, and is a required aspect of the workshop session. Read more information >>

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