Tantric Sex Sādhanā for Lovers


3 Tantric sex rituals for lovers to experience enhanced, spiritual sex. Whether new to Tantra or adding to an existing Tantric practice, this program and these rituals will help you create new Tantric sex experiences and go deeper into your lovemaking together.


A Tantric Sex Practice for Lovers

For couples who are experienced with, or who are new to Tantra.

3 Tantric sex rituals for lovers taught in three Skype/Zoom coaching sessions (1 ritual each session).

This is a private, home virtual workshop that brings together spirituality and sex and is also an enhancement to anyone’s existing Tantric practice.
* Skype/Zoom sessions do not require nudity or sexual intercourse.

Lovers will learn three Tantric sex rituals that include:

  • Step by step instructions
  • Tantric Breathing, mudras, body positions and movement for enhanced, spiritual sex
  • Each ritual has an invocation and mantra
  • A pdf guide describing each ritual is included
  • unlimited email support

3 Tantric Sex Rituals to take you deeper into your Tantric practice and enhance your spiritual-sexual connection.


Discover, or deepen your Tantric practice:

  • Tantric principles and methods that enhance sexual experience
  • How to run sexual energy
  • Experience the Tantric Rapture

© Art by Richard Stodart

These Tantric sex rituals will continue to enhance your Tantra practice and serve your relationship with your lover long after the program is complete.

  • If you are new to Tantra, this program is an excellent introduction to Tantra and shows you a way to incorporate Tantric sex practice into your lovemaking.
  • If you already practice Tantra, these rituals will help you create new experiences and go deeper into Tantric lovemaking together.

* Tantric methods and principles taught in this program are an introduction to Transcendental Tantra™ created by Sunyata Satchitananda as a synthesis of Western and traditional Tantra, Taoist and Tibetan Tantric methods and teachings. Transcendental Tantra™ seeks to recognize and strengthen the spiritual-sexual connection between partners and within each person and their spiritual growth and consciousness expansion. Accomplishing this creates integrated spiritual-sexual experiences which condition and evolve personal and interpersonal awareness and harmony.

Make your purchase (above) and be sure to include your contact email and phone number so we can arrange to begin the transmission of Tantric rituals for you and your lover.

Tantric Sadhana for Lovers FAQ

Why would my partner and I want to learn these rituals? Does it make our sex better?

Everything improves when Tantric sex principles and methods are incorporated into a couple’s sexual experience—connection, presence, pleasure, timelessness, and appreciating and knowing yourself and your partner in a deeper, more expansive way. These 3 Tantric sex rituals provide couples a novel way of connecting and taking their sexual experience to a new level of connection and awareness that makes their sex better and provides expanded states of bliss and pleasure.

Do we have to be naked or have sex in the Skype/Zoom session?

No, there is no need to undress or have sex during Skype session coaching and teaching.

What exactly are we going to do in the Skype/Zoom sessions?

  • Prior to each session you will receive a guidebook pdf document, which we will discuss during the Skype session.
  • Each aspect of the ritual will be explained: preparation, setup, and 1. 2. 3. step-by-step guide for performing the ritual including body positioning, connection and touch, breathing and movement/interaction—and for the more advanced/interested—Tantric energy circuits and practices are explained.
  • Each ritual’s mantra and invocation will be explained and placed into context for the ritual.
  • Skype/Zoom sessions are scheduled with as much time between sessions as suits your personal schedule and readiness.

How hard are these rituals, do I need to know Sanskrit or study ancient texts to be able to do these rituals correctly?

Absolutely not. The 3 Tantric sex rituals included in this program are easy to implement and are designed to be accessible by anyone with the interest and desire to follow the ritual’s steps and the program’s guidance.

Do we have to believe in Hindu or Buddhist deities or theology to benefit from these rituals?

No, there is no belief system that has to be accepted before you can benefit from the ritual’s capability to create transformative and enhanced sexual experiences.

What is the “Tantric Rapture” mentioned?

The Tantric Rapture is something that happens during prolonged sexual experiences of Transcendental Tantra. It is NOT associated with any religious beliefs, but describes the profound shift in consciousness that occurs with the feeling of being uplifted to a new, higher level of ecstatic spiritual-sexual experience. 

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