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Relationships are at their best when both partners feel completely received by the other—accepted, considered, desired, trusting, open, and free to be oneself. To achieve this ideal involves knowing oneself and your beloved at a deeper level while being willing to share yourself more openly, transparently, and intimately.

For many couples, sex serves merely to release stress and provide an outlet for passion that meets a primal urge for connection and release. When a couple seeks a deeper relationship that includes a higher, spiritual aspect, sexual relating can be expanded to serve more than a typical role within the relationship:

  1. Connecting more comprehensively with each other: soul to soul, heart to heart, body to body.
  2. Serving as facilitators and supporters of each one’s path of personal growth, healing, evolution, and transformation.
  3. Creating space of reverence and devotion for the divine together (spiritual growth and practice) through sacred observance, ritual, or ceremony—providing opportunities for transcendent experience, expanding consciousness, and furthering spiritual growth.

All of these aspects contribute to a happy, healthful, thriving relationship. I can help you to have the fullest experience possible in each of these distinct areas of relating intimately with your beloved.

Sex, and one’s experience of his or her sensual / sexual nature, is a fundamental, core need for most people. However, due to puritanical cultural influences as well as personal emotional wounding and sexual trauma many people don’t experience “sexual fullness” or easeful sexual fulfillment. Intimacy—deep, open, trusting connection with another, is difficult for many to achieve in relationship due to their experiences of a trust being broken and a level of intimacy being shattered. Opening again to a deep level of vulnerability is challenging without guidance and support.

3 Fold Flame of Love Relationship Model

3-fold-flame-tmbFor there to be expanded harmony between partners, there are three levels to relating that need understanding and integration.

The first is within oneself—an inner reality that is healthfully cohesive and supportive (requiring processes for understanding and integrating any “shadow” or disparate aspects of the psyche as they become known). This also includes accepting and valuing both masculine and feminine energies of the self and allowing/promoting their harmonious synergy in expression and behavior.

The second level is with one’s beloved, the relationship partner. For both partners, a greater awareness and understanding of each other that includes processes for releasing judgments and projections of blame while discerning self responsibility helps to create a sense of personal freedom and sovereignty within the relationship and promotes acceptance and appreciation of your each other as he or she really is. To be able to do this greatly relieves stress and unsupportive expectations in the relationship.

The third level is with “Spirit,” the divine. Your perception of your relationship with divinity has an impact on relationship with your partner. To be able to incorporate your sense of spirituality and be able to apply spiritual principles and practices in your relationship (individual belief systems not-withstanding) will greatly aid your relationship and give it a higher purpose.

These three levels of awareness, understanding and application—when consciously integrated and in harmony will create profoundly fluent relationships that support maximum fulfillment, growth, and achievement for the relationship.

I can help you with identifying what’s blocking you from reaching your relationship ideal. I help couples with processing their challenges and integrating a deeper understanding and appreciation for each other. In addition, I help couples understand sexual energy in an enhanced way and how to implement and support a practice of sacred sexuality as a spiritual path of growth and enlightenment. When practiced as a spiritual path, sacred sexuality provides an embodied experience of divinity that lifts awareness to great heights of understanding, expansive consciousness, and an experience of all-connected unity—nirvana. I can show you how to begin a practice of sacred sexuality with your partner and reach transcendent heights of consciousness and ecstasy—quickening your spiritual growth and enhancing intimacy in your relationship.

Polyamory Counseling

The majority of my clients are monogamously committed to each other and my counseling supports them in this quest. I do not advocate non-monogamy, polyamory, or monogamy forms of relationship as superior to another—what matters most is what is right for you as an individual and together as a couple. I do have experience with successful conscious polyamory and can provide unique insight for couples who are interested in making this most challenging form of relating work for them.

Couples: Sexual Healing & Erotic Enrichment

Relationship challenges for couples often include issues regarding sex, such as: pain during sex, lack of deep emotional connecting, premature ejaculation / ejaculation choice, learning sexual techniques and enhancing sexual experience (timing, positions, prolonging sex, how to satisfy their partner, etc.). Understanding and clearing sexual blocks, and connecting-the-dots to reveal more of love’s presence and depth is essential to experiencing a more satisfying sex life and deeper connection in relationship.

I provide help with clearing emotional blocks, improving sex education, and reaching an expanded experience of integrating spirituality and sexuality. I give counseling, coaching, teaching and guidance that enables couples to have a soul embodied experience of sacred sexuality.

I offer couples counseling sessions in-person or by Skype/Zoom sessions—providing an opportunity to “connect-the-dots” and deepen their relationship, intimacy, and sexual awareness and understanding. I gently guide each partner through clearing distinctions and judgments that limit or block one’s full experience of love and intimacy and help each experience a deeper level of sensuality and erotic energy. I tailor sessions to meet the unique needs and desires of each couple, so each session is uniquely fulfilling.

To request an in-person or Skype/Zoom session, or ask a question about relationship counseling please complete this form:

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