A new guidebook that sheds light on best practices and the possible dangers of this controversial alternative healing method.

This guidebook is for the growing number of healers, counselors, therapists, energy workers, coaches and guides who address sexual abuse issues and sexual healing with their clients. It is also for the many women and men who are considering working with a sexual healer and want to know:

  • What is sexual healing and how does it work?
  • What to expect during a sexual healing session.
  • How to create boundaries that make you feel safe.
  • How to choose a sexual healer.

The principles and guidelines included in this book also apply to a growing population who have become more comfortable with sexuality and sexual energy through learning about “Tantra” (the ancient esoteric science of sacred sexuality) as a healing modality—where the “shadow side” of sexuality can be easily triggered and cause unintended harm. This guidebook is a real-world consideration of the sexual healer—client dynamic and relationship that occurs in healing sessions that address sexual wounding and dysfunction.

A Vision for Safe Sexual Healing

A healthy society should have safe and reliable access to methods of sexual healing that address its deepest, darkest, emotional, psychological, and sexual wounds. Sexual healing provides a crucial nexus point of esoteric knowledge and practical application that specializes in treating these intimate and vulnerable wounds. Yet, as an “alternative healing” method it remains a shadowy and scary modality for much of the general public.

Safe Sexual Healing coverThe Safe Sexual Healing guidebook takes a step towards greater public awareness and acceptance of sexual healing by demystifying it and fostering trust in its methods. There is a shift happening towards greater openness, awareness and acceptance in our culture (i.e. gains made by same sex marriage and the legalization of medical cannabis) including bringing sexual healing out of the shadows and its semi-illicitness to be less scary and more understood.

To help a society accept sexual healing as a therapeutic modality there has to be a tipping point towards safety and trust. Considering and promoting standards of best practices and guidelines for client and healer safety is beneficial not only for clients but also for sexual healing’s public acceptance and to the individual practitioner as well.

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Safe Sexual Healing furthers this important conversation and attempts to help in the development of accepted standards of practice that do no harm to client or healer.

Safe Sexual Healing: a Guidebook for Healers and Clients is available on Amazon Kindle and print copy, Barns & Noble, or directly from the publisher Balboa Press. It’s also available on Google Play Books and Apple Books.


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Book Reviews of Safe Sexual Healing: a Guidebook · March 14, 2024 at 1:04 pm

[…] the release of his book “Safe Sexual Healing: a Guidebook for Healers and Clients,” Sunyata Satchitananda pulls back the curtain on the shadowy world of sexual healing and […]

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