sensual exercisesReconnect Deeply & Sensually

  • Learn sensual exercises for promoting intimacy and deep connection with your beloved in private sessions or by arrangement for small groups.
  • Reconnect and re-ignite the flame of intimacy and connection in your relationship.
  • Be safely led through sensual exercises which reawaken the excitement of sensual communion with your beloved.
  • Be guided in dropping and releasing layers of resentment and tension and appreciate each other more.
  • Connect with the spiritual essence of your beloved and see them as a sacred mirror. 
  • Heal from the wounds and errors that frequently impact feelings of intimacy and connection.
  • A 2 Hour co-facilitated experience, led by Sunyata and Hreem designed to safely take couples into sensual connection and communion together.

    * Couples remain clothed and do all activities with their partner which are sensual -not sexual- in nature.

Nurturing Intimacy Together

sensual exercisesOver time, and with today’s hectic schedules couples can feel their relationship drift or get fuzzy with life’s concerns and challenges that lessen their feelings of connection and intimacy.

After many years of being together couples can forget the ways they used to naturally be intimate—making current efforts feel uncomfortable and cumbersome.

Some couples need a little guidance with what to do to get out of their intimacy rut to deepen their connection and enhance their experience.

In 2 hours of sensual exercises that expand and deepen connection together, Sunyata and Hreem safely guide couples into deep presence to feel each other profoundly—and sensually experience each other with deeper awareness and higher consciousness.

Step into Intimacy sessions occur at your location (FAQ details) and can be for an individual couple or small group of couples. Step into Intimacy events are also periodically scheduled in Sonoma county, northern California.


Intimacy comes from a desire to share the deepest parts of ourselves with someone special whom we love. The pangs and worries of our busy lives with all of their concerns and uncertainties can create a more callused environment which suppresses intimacy and makes it harder to access.

Step into Intimacy includes guided breathing, movement, and touch, interpersonal intimacy exercises designed to release the walls and blocks to intimacy and promote deeper receiving awareness and appreciation for each other as partners interact together. 

The exercises in this 2 hour experience are easy to learn and repeat at home whenever you desire to experience deep and intimate connection. Obviously, these sensual activities will enhance and uplevel what you do sexually together, and make sex feel more meaningful and fulfilling.

Have Questions? Download our Step into Sensuality FAQ (pdf—opens new tab, see your Downloads folder)

* No sexual contact or sexual interaction is part of the Step into Intimacy session. Couples do all activities together with their partner.


sunyata and rimSunyata and Hreem co-facilitate Step into Sensuality and together, guide couples and small groups—demonstrating intimacy exercises and helping partners overcome any blocks to their experience.

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Sunyata Satchitananda

Sunyata has been a spiritual counselor and life coach for over 35 years, and has led workshops and classes in meditation, authentic movement, sacred sexuality, couples enrichment, and sexual healing. He is the author of the book "Safe Sexual Healing: a Guidebook for Healers and their Clients" and has been sexual healing coach and healer since 2007. Sunyata is a certified Tantric Healer (Ohana School of Tantra), a Reiki Master and Quantum Light healer.

Safe Sexual Healing
Rim Zahra Ph.D.
Author/Healer/Sacred Embodiment Educator

Rim (aka "Hreem") Zahra, Ph.D. is a professor of Education teaching English and World Literature. She is the author of "Help, My Vagina is on Fire!" a book about her experience with overcoming Candida overgrowth and Vaginitis-Vulvodynia. Rim is also a certified Myofascial Release therapist and a Sacred Embodiment Educator and the founder of Shakti Groovin' Women—a women's empowerment group. 

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