Sunyata, What does sacred sex mean, what’s so spiritual about Tantra?

With Tantra, sacred sex refers to having the spiritual mindfulness and presence necessary to achieve higher states of consciousness and vibrational resonance—which produces a state of Tantric thrall and rapture. The utterly present, and expanded awareness enabled during Tantric sex makes gestures, caresses, gazes, and kisses take on a new and profound meaning that makes sex become prayer—a reverential supplication of divine awareness and blessing.


“Approach the sex act as if it is prayer, as if it is meditation. Feel the holiness of it.”—Osho

Meditation is more mind-oriented, prayer is more heart-oriented. Or we can say that prayer is a technique of meditation for heart-oriented persons. (Osho: The Book of Secrets pg.96)

Osho points to the essence of Tantra: a conditioned/attuned presence and disposition to the moment—an experience of ecstasy with divine communion—a prayer, becoming the prayer, together.

The Center of the Lotus

Tantra sādhakas (religious practitioners) comportment is with reverence and devotion to divine principles and the energetic vibrations of Love, bliss, pleasure, Eros, sensuality, fecundity, transcendence, and expansion—experiencing the Higher Self and Divine Consciousness.

tantra-prayer-yab-yumTantra prayer is a spiritually reverential sexual experience that is a pathway leading inward before it blossoms and manifests. The way in is through the senses in a meditation of sensual pleasure, a prayer of sacred sex, an attunement with divine communion. 

(Vijnanabhairava Tantra sutra)

The Center of the Lotus is the portal, the entry point, for countless lotus petals to blossom. The center of the lotus is the absorption place where consciousness is transformed, expanded, and enlightened. The sutra beckons us into the universal heart where all senses are absorbed, where consciousness is absorbed into the ALL in nirvanic bliss. The journey there with the Beloved—communing in ecstasy is a holy practice, a prayerful offering to the universe.

More from The Book of Secrets:

“Love matters; the object of love doesn’t matter. If you are in deep love with anyone, so much in love that there is no relationship from the head, if just the heart is functioning, then this love will become prayer and your beloved or your lover will become divine.”

“If you can be in love without the head’s management coming in, your love is bound to become prayer and your beloved will become the door.”

Here, Osho refers to Tantra prayer and its vibrational state’s ability to transform awareness and resonate at a holy, sacred, divine vibrational level. The ‘Head’ can’t be in charge like it usually is—engaging with life through the Ego-personality. The center of consciousness must rest in the heart’s presence in the moment—which is where the couple meets and interacts from.

“Love matters; the object of love doesn’t matter.”


3 Tantric Sex Rituals for Couples

Love is the vibration of expansive connectedness that is embedded with consciousness and presence. The ‘object’ of love is not the point, or the purpose of love. The vibrational resonance of Love is the highest expression of spiritual connection—communion with the divine.

When a couple makes an offering of Tantra prayer, they drop into the heart center and see each other’s divinity renewed and re-experienced. Each partner becomes “the door” through which the other experiences communion with the divine Shakti & Shiva archetypes. And in that state of divine communion, transformation and transcendence happens. 

Making Tantra Your Spiritual Practice

Q. What should a couple do to make Tantra a spiritual practice?

A. Learn how to reach energetic coherence together—fine tuned to a vibration of consciousness and presence in an extrasensory awareness-experiencing of Eros as sensual pleasure. And, to do so authentically and novel each time Tantra prayer is offered. It can never become ordinary or mundane. If your Tantra prayer feels perfunctory or ‘same’ feeling instead of having dynamic, “new again” exhilaration then what has happened is your focus has shifted to the object of love instead of remaining with being love. Come back to finding the inner experience of Love’s vibration in your heart center and let sexual interaction and energy flow out from there. When you and your partner are able to stay in this coherence you are creating and offering Tantra prayer—in holy communion. 

If you and your partner would like some coaching with how you can offer Tantra prayer together, and have your questions to your personal circumstances answered, or get help with removing blockages to experiencing Tantra prayer together—contact me and set up a session, I can help.  

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