My clients are everyday people who are working through issues about sexuality and sexual experience, intimacy, and having a satisfying and fulfilling relationship. Most are women, many are themselves sexual healers, therapists, alternative healers or counselors. I have also helped several women recovering from grieving their deceased partner to reconnect and re-establish a relationship with their erotic energy.

Due to the confidential and sensitive nature of my work testimonials such as these are the best referrals I can offer potential clients:

“I had the great privilege of receiving a Sacred Intimate Tantric Healing from Sunyata a few months ago, and I found the experience to be incredibly empowering. Every aspect of the session, from his uplifting and nurturing manner to the powerful healing work he did on me, fit together to form a cohesive wholeness, and I left the session that day feeling deeply in touch with parts of myself I hadn’t known before. He gave me information and techniques to practice at home, to further my healing process and provide a structure for me to continue my growth. I cannot recommend Sunyata and his services highly enough. I think the world would be a better place if everyone had the opportunity to work with this gifted healer.” —Erica M

“Sunyata led me to speak from my heart and follow the natural rhythms of my body. His directness and emotional warmth made for a totally open and safe experience where we could relate to each other as loving entities regardless of gender, orientation or past histories. Sunyata is an explorer on the frontier of sharing love and touch to help us find the higher self inside of all of us. I can’t wish him too many blessings for his calling.”—Tom

“Having met Sunyata was an amazing experience. He is truly a master in providing safe space and being present. His deep love and warmth shines through his loving eyes like Sun-rays. I felt so blessed talking about tantra, experiences, about life, and sharing in meditation with him. He was so accepting of me as a person and totally welcoming, embracing, and non-judgmental. He could feel my every thought at times in advance and understood the subtleties of my mind perfectly. Sunyata is a strong force of love which shines through the universe. May his sweetness and spiritual understanding touch many beings through space and time.” —Karen

Dear Sunyata, “I just wanted to tell you that the breathing worked extremely well for me. I could really feel it when i laid down. I got to sleep much easier than i usually do and i slept much better too! In fact i didn’t want to get up this morning! It was a struggle getting out of bed because i was so relaxed.” —Virginia

“Thanks again for the beautiful time together. My body still feels quite alive.” —Karen B

“Sunyata, I can’t stop thinking about the energy that we shared. If I close my eyes and stop thinking about everything else.. I can feel you again. Thank you for such a wonderful introduction to your Tantric style and energy.” —Dana

“Sunyata is a Magnificent Man – my favorite – I am stunned at the intelligence, consciousness, eloquence, artistry, eros, sensitivity, multidimensionality, integrity, talent and goodness of him. Not to mention the beauty that I see, the healing power of his arms as he holds me, and the beautiful passion he has for the Goddess and for all that’s Divine. He is coming into his own —and what a huge GodMan we’ll all get to see!” —Alorah

“Sunyata is a special being and we’d like you to pass this on to him: He acts as a sort of pure channel that allows a person to ‘de-bug,’ themselves. When you commune with him it is akin to rebooting your computer. We think he’ll get a kick out of that analogy! The service he offers is both integral and invaluable!” —Channeled Message

From Couples:

“We had a great relationship counseling session with Sunyata Satchitananda yesterday. I highly recommend this wise and experienced guide.” —John

“Lovely Sunyata, I just wanted to say a big, enthusiastic, loving hello and also thank you again for your time, wisdom, healing, and wonderful energy on Saturday. William and I both loved spending time with you. We’ve been talking quite a bit about it, and about you, and about how ready we are to be having these conversations, both in words and in being. Your healing and teaching helped facilitate an opening for us to the divine in each of us, and we can see the divine more clearly in each other as well. We have much to practice and look forward to the process! So, thank you. We appreciate you. We acknowledge your light and your love. Namaste,” —Erica

“WOW!!! Thank you so very much. You are truly spiritually intuitively gifted and guided. K___ and I sat for at least 15 minutes with our mouths open just looking into space. Wow!” —O.

“Good evening Sunyata! We had an excellent experience with you, thank you so much! We look forward to learning more with you.” —Maura

“We had a very nice time with you this weekend and appreciate your guidance. Lisa and I are looking forward to what you have in store for us next time.” —Victor


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