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Śūnyatā” (Sanskrit noun from the adj. śūnya: “zero, nothing”) is usually translated as “emptiness“. It is the noun form of the adjective “śūnya” (Sanskrit) which means “empty” or “void”, hence “empti”-“ness” (-tā).

It’s difficult for the reasoning mind to comprehend no-thing, or emptiness. The mind always wants to fill emptiness with something. However, emptiness—the void, is really the constant feature of consciousness—it is the container of the contents that the mind seeks to fill in. Emptiness’s presence is like a zero resistance electric current that is instantaneously transmitted and available everywhere; it is the vacuum of nothingness.

It is through this void, or emptiness that we feel connection with others. Common cause, experience, ancestry, mindset, or emotions are modalities by which we have the connected experience. One of the most powerful experiences of connection we as humans have is through sexual intercourse. The energy built up during sex creates a charge that, when reaching a certain peak, discharges in orgasm.

The study of sex and sexual energy discovered that it is possible to design an experience of sex that predictably creates results that feel elevated from the ordinary and are spiritual, transcendent and enlightening. By modulating and coordinating the breath, movement, awareness and presence —the thinking-doing mind is transcended and a change to the being state occurs. The being state feels ecstatic, harmonious, serene, exciting, and full of potential. Cultivating this state expands consciousness and the mind with new possibilities and awareness. Regularly experiencing this state of being provides opportunities for spontaneous insights and understanding that come from nowhere—the void.

Humans are not merely the physical form of matter that occupies space but have a formless, esoteric, energy aspect made up of subtle energy. Individual human consciousness is a spectrum of energy that spans from the very subtle to the very dense, or gross. What encapsulates the subtle and gross energy of humans is emptiness, the void. Cultivation and implementation of mastery with sexual energy includes many doorways and pathways that orient one to inter-awareness with the void.

Experiencing the Void

One technique to experience the void:

  • Tune into your breath.
  • Follow your breath in and out consciously with complete presence and awareness of what is happening as you breathe in and breathe out.
  • Feel the fullness of the in-breath and the emptiness of the out-breath.
  • Pause at the completion of your out-breath for a moment.
  • Feel the stillness here between exhalation and inhalation.
  • Breathe consciously and continue to notice the stillness between exhalation and inhalation.
  • Gradually lengthen the “space” between breaths and extend the feeling of stillness.
  • Notice in this space of stillness there is yet movement—the beat of your heart.
  • Continue conscious breathing and lengthy pauses of stillness between breaths and extend your awareness to the heartbeats and go deeper into the stillness between the heartbeats.
  • Notice this stillness between breaths, between heartbeats, between thoughts.
  • Your experience of this stillness is a glimpse of the void.

Presence in the Void

couple voidThe utter presence and awareness needed to experience the void is also needed in cultivating mastery with sexual energy. The thinking-doing mind cannot fully experience the void, only catch a glimpse of it as a concept. To more fully experience the void a shift from the thinking-doing state to the being state requires the that Ego-personality mind be given a “time-out” and allow the non-linear somatic based sensorial perception of being to be established.

Couples connecting on this path of mastery with sexual energy must find the void within their self and within each other. Only then will they meet each other in the ecstatic bliss of emptiness in the void!

The Void & Transcendental Tantra™

Having an experience of the void is an integral part of Transcendental Tantra™  included in the sacred sexuality course and mentoring sessions that I facilitate. Getting there is not a “thinking it done” path, but one of clearing out of the way the things that prevent you from feeling and experiencing it. The mind will naturally resist and throw up road blocks in your way. Mentoring sessions will keep you on-track and help you overcome your mind’s objections and distractions.

If you desire to experience the void and want help in doing so, contact me to set up your mentoring sessions.
* Mentoring sessions do not include sexual activity, disrobing, or invasive techniques—contact me for more information.

Help with Experiencing the Void

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Originally posted on March 15, 2014 @ 12:03 pm

Sunyata Satchitananda

Sunyata is a Spiritual Counselor, Certified Tantric Healer and Author of "Safe Sexual Healing: a Guidebook for Healers and Clients." Ordained Minister (1980), Certified Tantric Healer (2007), Reiki Master (2009). Sunyata specializes in helping men and women achieve deep transformation, spiritual growth, sacred sexuality, heal from sexual abuse and emotional trauma, and develop a greater, deeper intimacy and connection with their partner.


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