THE CLIENT — Safe Sexual Healing

This session is tailored to the needs and perspective of survivors of sexual abuse/assault and explores the issues and concerns that survivors face in safely getting the help they seek.

view-recording-btnIf you are someone considering working with a sexual healer and have questions or would like a more in-depth understanding of the process, what to expect in working with a healer and what to watch out for, then please join us.

There will be information for healers also. We will also be considering how to meet a survivor-client “where they are at” in their healing process and ways to use safer healing practices.

We will also be discussing the healer’s and client’s contribution to the Healing Alliance.

Healers will receive practical suggestions to help them steward sessions and support their client’s need to safely heal. Survivors will find out what to expect in working with a sexual healer during a session and in a sexual healing program.

In this session we will be covering these four main topics:


  • What is consent?
  • How & When to apply it
  • What does it include?
  • Active Consent Participation
Working with a Healer

  • The Healing Alliance
  • Processing – the “work” of healing
  • Healing Program Essentials
Surviving & Thriving

  • Dealing with what comes up
  • Support Safety-Net
  • Whole Systems Approach
Transformation Tools

  • Making Choices
  • “Getting a hold of yourself”
  • Techniques for two most debilitating triggers

I’ll be answering questions during the session AND please send in your questions before the session also.

This session is for both Clients of sexual healers and Healing Practitioners, Counselors, Guides and Coaches. Insight will be shared for both sides of the Healer – Client relationship with practical tips and recommendations for getting the most beneficial and transformative effects from the sexual healing process.


INSIDE SEXUAL HEALING — Safely get the help you seek



Introduction to Sexual Healing (FREE)

* This webinar discusses sensitive subject matter which might trigger strong emotions or mood changes. Know who you can call, or better, come be with you if you need emotional support.

In this symposium session we will go inside sexual healing to answer questions:

  • What is “sexual healing” and how does it work?
  • Who can benefit from sexual healing?
  • How can someone find a sexual healer they can trust?
  • How to safely get the help you seek.

This free webinar session is intended to acquaint an unfamiliar public with sexual healing as an alternative healthcare modality — its purpose, availability and efficacy.

Sunyata-ovalSunyata Satchitananda

Like you, sexual healing expert and author of Safe Sexual Healing: a Guidebook for Healers and Clients, Sunyata supports a survivor’s journey of healing from sexual abuse and assault with access to safe sexual healing practices and healing facilitators. Are you a sexual abuse survivor? Are you a therapist, coach, or healer? In different roles, both client and healing facilitator form a Healing Alliance of mutual responsibility and support.

Creator of the PranaSomatic(tm) method of working with sexual abuse wounds, Sunyata takes you into your body, emotions, and energetic state and shows you exactly what to do step by step so you feel results quickly.

Sunyata’s whole-systems approach to healing creates effective, lasting, rapid transformation and return to wellbeing.

Known for his integrity, compassion and understanding, Sunyata promotes

Safe Sexual Healing practices and guidelines for Healers, therapists, coaches, and survivor-Clients

Client’s right to consent, autonomy, confidentiality and privacy

Competent, considerate, compassionate, responsible, scrupulous sexual healing facilitators

Sunyata is a fusion of empathic healer + compassionate listener + wise guide + practical coach. He gives you the big picture and then helps with unpacking the details and then provides techniques and systems that rapidly move you forward in your journey to heal and grow.

webinar_logo0001<< More information and free webinar recording <<


My upcoming book “Safe Sexual Healing: a Guidebook for Healers and Clients” goes into detail about treatments and methods that might be included in sexual healing sessions as well as what to beware of and watch out for when seeking to work with a sexual healer –including how to maintain a constructive healing-alliance relationship with your sexual healer.

Sexual healing has been around for centuries—yet despite its longevity is considered sketchy, fringe, dangerous, and semi-illicit. Not enough is readily known about its purpose or practices which creates concerns, fears and confusion.

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